For those who have been seeing us on stage have probably never seen me with a percussion player on stage, never. But Curtis is the reason why, he changed my mind, and you'll see why. ” - Alex Bugnon
I fully endorse Curtis. His percussion tracks sound awesome. I've been using his services for my productions.” - Greg Manning
Curtis McCain is one of the great treasures as both a percussionist and musical artist. Not only does Curtis bring his elevated artistry, he also brings passion for craft, soulful performances, and a refined sense of taste and musicality born from years of experience in the studio! My original music is always uplifted by my talented friend's signature style, originality, and sonic excellence. Love you my dear friend! Thank you for celebrating my music with your creative visions!” - Will Donato
World class player. Curtis has a great tone and great feel. His musicality matches his instinct” - Roberto Vally
The fire and passion, accompanied by the abiding respect for, and knowledge of, the groove. Curtis immediately became one of my favorite percussionists from the moment I first heard him.” - Vincent Henry

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